InterContinental Hotels Group

Turning a Destination Into a Journey - Given the sleek futuristic style of the hotel and the eclectic mix of restaurants (Mexican/Japanese, a Provence-style Brasserie and a rum-specialty bar with a hidden Champagne lounge) as well as a myriad of spa treatments, we created a theme line, “LET YOUR SENSES TRAVEL.”  This line launched a series of ads that positioned the property as an ultra sensory experience where one can travel through a world of tastes, sounds, sights, aromas and sensations without leaving the Hotel.

Bokx 109 American Prime

Magnet was hired by the Distinctive Hospitality Group’s to launch their newest dining experience, BOKX 109.  The mission was to give this trendy steakhouse an air of “swankitude.”  Magnet created the theme of "A PERFORMANCE IN DINING.”   Using imagery and references that harkened back to the go-go, jet set, rat pack days, our radio, print, outdoor ads and website talked about the high energy “see and be seen” action at BOKX 109. 

Extell Development


Magnet was hired by this high-end residential real estate developer to give this property a more modern, edgier feeling.  To give it some "sexitude," we developed a promotional concept with the headline, “LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER." This promotion offered qualified buyers a free weekend at the adjoining InterContinental hotel. That ad generated an unprecedented flood of calls and the property became a "must see" for prospective purchasers of luxury residences.  Another concept, "OUR RESIDENCE REFLECTS ON THE PAST WHILE IT LOOKS TOWARD THE FUTURE "  promoted that the property reflected on the historic Boston Harbor while it also looked toward the new developments happening in the Seaport and Design sections that represent the future of Boston.

Ontegrity (formerly BatteryCorp.)

 Ontegrity came to Magnet as a company named BatteryCorp.  a high-tech industrial firm that has provided back-up power supplies for some of the world's major wireless carriers. The brand wanted a new direction that elevated it from a battery reseller and/or power solutions to a company offering a wide array of services utilizing intelligent people and intelligent systems working in sync to keep mission critical systems running.  In ideation sessions, Magnet discovered that this brand operated with a high level of integrity, giving clients thorough, photographic detail of clients' site conditions and appropriate, cost-effective courses of action.  Magnet captured the essence of the services and it values with the name, ONTEGRITY and the themeline, "WHEN OFF IS NOT AN OPTION."  Following development of the name, Magnet created the logo, brand positioning, web design, copy and sell sheets.


LPP - Lois Paul & Partners

Magnet was hired by the one of world's leading high technology public relations firms, LPP,  to give the brand a new positioning, logo, tagline, website and copy.  Using insight from internal and external research, Magnet identified 7 brand attributes and developed the theme, "WHAT"S NEXT IS EVERYDAY"   The tagline was based on the success of a positioning concept we developed which stated,  "For 25 years we’ve been ushering the latest innovations into mainstream business. No one knows better how to take complex matter and shape it to match market needs. For LPP, what’s next is everyday."

Genesis Center RI

Genesis Center had been promoting itself as a education and workforce development resource for immigrants.  Our research indicated that this was only partially accurate since many of its students are US citizens.  In addition, in these economically austere times prospective donors are more interested in giving money to local causes relating to education and health care with proven results.  To that end, Magnet advised that the brand talk less about the sort of person who comes through its doors and instead emphasize the outcomes: self-sufficient people, jobs, less dependency on government subsistence and, all in all, productive members of our communities.  To underscore this new positioning Magnet developed the tagline, “WHERE THE WILL TO ACHIEVE MEETS THE SKILL TO SUCCEED.”  The intention was to give as much credit to the client as we do to the Center.  It was important to reinforce that the people regardless of their origin are well-intentioned, industrious and eager to make life better for all of us thus making Genesis Center a worthy investment.

Panolam Industries, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of decorative surfaces, was stuck in the “old economy.”  Its word mark was in all caps and the word “industries” projected an out-of-date corporate style that did not connect with fashion forward interior designers, the specifiers for their product.  In addition, Panolam is the parent company for eight separate brands and its site was developed under the false assumption that specifiers would come to the site based on prior knowledge of the brands.   Our research with the country’s leading interior designers from the largest architectural firms indicated that they had little or no familiarity with its product brands and when they were selecting decorative surfaces, the driver for purchase is “color, color, color” followed by texture, finish, etc.  With that in mind, Magnet recommended that the website be designed so that a designer could begin the search based on color, finish and texture. That way samples from any one or more of Panolam brands would appear rather than a designer having to go through each individual brand to explore samples.  This exponentially increased the chances that something under the Panolam umbrella would satisfy the designer’s needs.  Magnet recommended that Panolam change its name to “panolam surface systems” thus reinforcing how all the brands work together and promoting more cross-selling opportunities.  The end result was a fresh, new, vibrant look and feel for Panolam and a website user experience that enables visitors to explore Panolam® Surface Systems from many angles - start with color, abstracts, wood grains, textures or finishes or search by brand, material, industry segment, application or any combination thereof. To reinforce, this wide expanse of choices, we, developed the tagline, BRINGING MORE THE SURFACE. No matter what path a designer chooses, they will arrive at the perfect solution for their surfacing needs.