HP Logo copy.png

Magnet created the governing brand idea for HP to elevate it from device maker to visionary leader. Magnet conducted in-depth internal interviews with senior executives and then developed positioning concepts for use as stimuli in subsequent quantitative and qualitative research studies with clinicians in LA, NY, Boston, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Warsaw.  Magnet developed a theme that strongly resonated with clinicians around the world, “EXTENDING THE REACH OF CARE.”  The premise was that HP is setting its sights on integrating monitors, electronic health records and remote diagnostic tools so caregivers can stay in contact with patients down the hall or across the country.

UVA Darden School of Business

The RDW Group commissioned Magnet to assist in the positioning of this top business school.  Despite its solid reputation, the brand had no governing brand idea.  Magnet conducted in-depth interviews with professors and staff to identify "particles of interest" that were developed into brand positioning concepts. Magnet recognized that four of the brand's attributes; 1) Remote location + 2) intensive case study method + 3) small classes + 4) cold calling of students in classes = people who could think on their feet and defend their position at a moment's notice.  This high engagement approach creates business leaders who are "READY FOR ANYTHING."  We made the tagline direct and to the point, READY!

Connecticut Science Center

Magnet was commissioned by Rattle Advertising on behalf of the Connecticut Science Center to help the CSC position itself. Magnet advised that if this Center wanted to bring new people into the field of science then it should focus on "non science-leaning" tweens who are disproportionately Hispanic, African American and lower income. Also, Magnet advised that the CSC should focus more on "discovery," and "exploration" which are non threatening words versus "science."  In addition, these young people indicated that the best experiences were the ones where they feel a sense of control and mastery. With this in mind, Magnet established the following brand positioning: The Science Center gives you the power, the freedom and the fun to explore your world. In addition, participants suggested that a fun character or spokesperson could help to soften the science side of things and make the experience more approachable.


Sodexo logo

This French food services and facilities management corporation hired Magnet to help it develop revolutionary new dining concepts for the higher education market. Magnet conducted ideation sessions with college students from all over the country to generate new concepts for campus dining experiences.  Magnet then tested more refined concepts across the country.  Magnet learned that students' wants, needs and energy levels are dramatically different throughout the day. . Magnet recommended a dining concept, "Transitions", that could easily transform throughout the day to match students' feeding patterns and behaviors. 

Majestic Athletic

Majestic Logo

Magnet conducted ideation sessions and focus groups with teens and in-depth-interviews with retailers to determine how to position Majestic, the manufacturer of professional Major League Baseball uniforms and team jerseys for fans. Much of the manufacturing is done in the USA. In addition, every pro dreams of making it to the majors and every kid has visions of greatness. As such, Magnet developed the brand positioning, “THE AMERICAN DREAM LIVES IN EVERY PRODUCT WE MAKE”



USC Cinematic Arts

Magnet developed the brand positioning and the theme line “Bridging the Spectrum.” Web design by The Interactive Factory

USC Cinematic Arts and its marketing partner, The Interactive Factory, hired Magnet to help this venerated film school position itself for the long term.  With the advent of digital technology, media arts has proliferated to encompass game design, interactive media, social media and mobile technology.  There are no boundaries anymore.  Games become movies, movies become games, social media is a stream of moving images and full length features are being shot on iPhones.  Based on this kaleidoscopic, multi-media universe, Magnet advised that USC Cinematic Arts should position itself as a "unique creative community that gives tomorrow’s leaders more exposure to and greater fluency in the full spectrum of media arts. USC Cinematic is 'Bridging the Spectrum'. "


Cornell Johnson School of Business

Cornell University Logo

Magnet conducted in-depth interviews and focus groups with professors and staff to identify strengths which Magnet developed into positioning concepts. In subsequent research Magnet arrived at the idea that Johnson grads are “collaborative leaders” who bring out the full force of organizations. To express this idea, Magnet developed the line, "THE POWER OF MANY."

Dom Perignon


Magnet conducted in-depth interviews with "downtown cognoscenti" club-goers to determine how this brand could move from the special occasion box to frequent consumption as a drink.  Always the bubbly of choice for tasteful weddings, deal signings and victories, Magnet explored how to give this brand more contemporary relevance without diluting it hallowed heritage and top-shelf positioning.