Ruth's ChrisTV Advertising & Brand Identity

Creative by Merkley + Partners

Ruth's Chris and its agency, Merkley + Partners hired Magnet inc to help them examine consumers' reactions to various advertising campaigns.  The main objective want to identify the imagery, language, look and feel of messages that could move the brand to a younger, more cosmopolitan audience without disenfranchising die-hard loyalists.  Using techniques such as personification, visualization and perceptual mapping, Magnet helped Ruth's Chris identify the campaign that sustained the brand's high quality image while also sending the right signals to "young affluents."

Brigham's Ice CreamPackaging

A fresher look for Brigham's - Design (Right) by Rattle Advertising.

Rattle Advertising hired Magnet to help it evolve Brigham's Ice Cream's packaging.  The package design (on the left) was dated and looked increasingly so as more premium ice cream products surrounded it in the freezer case.  The mission was to identify the design that  projects a high quality product while not disenfranchising die-hard Brigham's loyalists.  Magnet worked with consumers across the socio-economic spectrum to evaluate over 14 designs based on perceived taste, quality, price, intended user and usage occasion.  Magnet's work not only identified the right direction with design refinement but it also located a design approach for the company's high-end low fat frozen yogurt line.

RI Department of HealthPrint & Outdoor

Creative by The RDW Group, Inc.

The RDW Group hired Magnet, Inc. to help the agency and its client, Rhode Island Department of Health, clearly understand what messaging would capture the attention of high risk groups for HIV. Magnet conducted groups and in-depth interviews with members of  the gay, bisexual and transexual communities, male and female commercial sex workers and recently diagnosed HIV patients.  Magnet's work was instrumental in making important adjustments to messages that dramatically increased effectiveness.  Our work helped the client understand that some messages, although inappropriate for the general public, would be extremely effective in narrowly targeted media and gay venues - clubs, bars and specific websites.  One of RDW's campaigns was a recipient of bronze and sliver medals in a national competition for effective public safety messages.

Liberty Mutual Internet Usability

Magnet conducted numerous studies for Liberty Mutual to insure its message and website were on-brand.

Magnet conducted numerous studies for Liberty Mutual to insure its message and website were on-brand.

Magnet  was one of the first company's in the world to implement and then refine the discipline of Internet usability.  For over a decade, Magnet worked with Liberty Mutual and its various creative groups to assist in the development of this major insurance carrier's website as well as numerous TV and print campaigns..  Magnet IU work guides and follows users through web experiences to insure that websites project the right personality, provide the right content and ultimately have the stickiness to hold interest and satisfy users' needs.   Magnet's work was essential in moving this brand away from "industry speak" to user-friendly language that has, along with numerous campaigns, helped  to make this carrier a major player in the personal/residential insurance market.