Extell Development

Extell Development

Brand Positioning & Creative Development

Magnet was hired to give this property a more modern, edgier feeling.  To give it some "sexitude." we developed a promotion and concept with the headline, “LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER." This promotion offered qualified buyers a free weekend at the adjoining hotel. That ad generated a flood of calls and the property became a "must see" for prospective purchasers of luxury residences.  Another concept, "Our residents can see the future"  promoted that the property stood on the threshold of the new Boston.

InterContinental Hotel 

Brand Positioning & Creative Development

We developed the positioning, tagline and communications for the InterContinental's newest property, a distinctly modern shift from its more traditional hotels. This property features a Sushi & Tequila restaurant, next to a rum specialty bar, next to a French brasserie. The spa offers an array of treatments from around the world. Using the tagline “LET YOUR SENSES TRAVEL” Magnet positioned the brand as a synesthetic experience. A message entitled, “FROM OLE TO AU LAIT” transported the reader from a night of sushi and tequila to café au lait in the wee hours of the morning and finally, recovery at the spa.  

New England Coffee

Positioning, Packaging, Name Development, Creative Development Research

Magnet changed the brand from Winslow's to New England Coffee and dramatically increased sales.  New England Coffee’s advertising agency, The RDW Group, commissioned Magnet to assess the effectiveness of Winslow’s advertising.  However, upon immediate inspection, Magnet sensed that the problems ran much deeper than advertising.  The Winslow’s brand rang as inauthentic.  Magnet created a concept that focused on the brand's history and advised that the retail brand should carry the same name as the parent company,  "

“...And sales of specialty coffees like Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and New England Coffee keep climbing, hitting $9.6 Billion last year, a growth rate of 7%”
— Business Week

Lois Paul & Partners

Brand Positioning, Creative Development

Founded in the 1980's Lois Paul & Partner was one of the first, if not the first, PR firm to specialize in the promotion of high technology companies across a wide range of technology, business and consumer media vehicles.  Lois Paul & Partners recognized that it needed to update its brand image.  First we developed the positioning that LPP has more experience than anybody else in shaping complex matter and cutting edge products and services into high interest stories and social media conversations. .  To underscore this idea, we developed the tagline, "WHAT"S NEXT IS EVERYDAY"  and shortened the name to "LPP." 


Defining a Brand's Turf

Brand Positioning, Product and Service Development

As part of a major global study, Magnet conducted focus groups and in-depth interviews with tweens and teens throughout the country to determine the credibility of this brand. Using a variety of projective techniques from thought bubbles to photo rips, Magnet delved into the use of brands as self-expression, what makes a brand authentic and Adidas’ technical credibility. Our work helped Adidas balance its position and credibility in street fashion and sports performance.

In subsequent studies, Magnet conducted interviews and intercepts at road races to help the brand understand the running market, the rapidly developing trail shoe market and to gauge perceptions of various technologies such as “air” and “gel” and breathable lightweight fabrics.

Majestic Athletic

Giving a Brand Higher Purpose

Brand Positioning & Creative Development Research

Magnet conducted ideation sessions with stakeholders, focus groups with teens and in-depth-interviews with retailers and athletes to determine how to position Majestic, the manufacturer of professional MLB uniforms and team jerseys for fans. Much of the manufacturing is done in the United States and Majestic has made a good life possible for thousands of employees. In addition, every pro dream of making it big in the majors and every kid has visions of greatness. As such, Magnet developed the brand positioning, “THE AMERICAN DREAM LIVES IN EVERY PRODUCT WE MAKE” 

Hewlett - Packard

Elevating a Brand from Device Maker to Healthcare Visionary

Brand Positioning Research

Magnet created the governing brand idea for the HP medical brand. For decades, H-P had been the preeminent manufacturer of monitoring and diagnostic devices.  GE and Siemens were gaining ground in the industry and HP needed to elevate its stature from a device maker to a visionary leader. Magnet conduct in-depth internal interviews with senior executives and then developed positioning concepts for use as stimuli in subsequent quantitative and qualitative research studies with clinicians in LA, NY, Boston, Paris, Frankfurt and Warsaw. One theme that Magnet developed stood out above the rest, “EXTENDING THE REACH OF CARE”  This premise was that HP was setting its sights on integrated systems and remote diagnostic tools enabling caregivers to stay in contact with patients down the hall or across the country.

Women & Infants Hospital

Building Compassion Every Step of the Way

Brand Positioning & Architectural/Interior Design

Magnet was commissioned by the Hospital to help it better understand how to build one of the most advanced breast health centers in the Northeast. To that end, Magnet conducted focus groups and in-depth interviews with three audience segments:

  1. Women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  2. Cancer survivors.
  3. Breast cancer-free patients.

In these sessions, we conducted visualization exercises wherein we asked participants to think about the experience every step of the way: from discovering the lump, deciding who to contact, driving to the appointment, seeing the center from the outside, entering the building, waiting, meeting with clinicians on to treatment and so forth.
We looked at actual as well as desired experiences. We created a safe place where women could express the full gamut of emotions -  fear, anger, sadness and frustration to hopefulness and relief. The insights from these sessions led to a complete redesign of the Center with features such as: waiting
rooms that had openness and warmth and yet privacy, comforting colors, soothing atmospheres,  wider hallways so clinician and patient could walk side by side and survivors to greet and counsel newcomers. Our work with these participants created an awakening throughout the breast health center as well as the hospital about patient-centric care and it also helped this hospital that was traditionally known for maternity gain an even stronger foothold in oncology.