New England Coffee

Sam Adams Light

New England Coffee Packages

Although hired to test ad effectiveness for Winslow’s Coffee, Magnet discerned that Winslow’s needed an overhaul - new packaging, positioning, etc.  Taking the initiative, Magnet developed the concept for New England Coffee which, unlike Winslow’s, tested extremely well with consumers throughout the country. Magnet guided NEC from idea to supermarket shelf to become a multi-million dollar success story.

Magnet analyzed quantitative data and conducted focus groups across the country to understand usage occasions and consumption.  Magnet identified that Sam Adams Boston Lager was decidedly in the special occasion box and a lighter more drinkable beer was in order to remain competitive. Magnet assisted in development of packaging, promotions and ad messages up to and through the product launch.

Nellcor OxiMax

Magnet conducted research with physicians, nurse supervisors and clinicians to develop Nellcor’s highly successful blood oxygen monitors utilizing OxiMax technology. Magnet explored the user experience to identify areas for improvement, recommended design features and developed positioning concepts and the name, OxiMax.

Honeywell AdapTec

Magnet conducted in-depth interviews and an on-line survey to examine safety directors’ reactions to a new product, Adaptec safety glasses. The glasses provide multiple adjustment points so one pair can fit the facial features of large and wide and small and narrow heads.  Magnet developed names, positioning concepts and tested a range of package designs to determine the best fit for this brand.

Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness

Healthtrax Logo

Healthtrax fitness came to Magnet to evolve its brand which wanted to serve young fitness enthusiasts as well as older patients in need of physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Magnet worked with Xers, Boomers and Matures to explore perceptions of "Health Clubs," "Gyms," "Fitness Centers" and "Wellness Centers." Using visualization techniques, prospective members painted a picture that became the template for a chain of successful "fitness and wellness" centers that offer recreation and wellness services.

Women & Infants Breast Health Center

Magnet conducted sessions with breast cancer patients, and cancer survivors to garner consumer insight and feedback to create a truly patient-centric experience. Using visualization techniques, we had women “walk through” the entire experience, from detection to cure to create a comforting and supportive experience every step of the way.